Slam Shack Quotes

What follows are some of the most oft-quoted sound bites from Slam Shack.

"Giga-jamming is the pinnacle of mega eroticism!"

"What? I've only heard legends about the Final Slam."

"Damn! You have aroused me to the maximum! [Pause] That was not a compliment!"

"The truest slam is felt not in the heart, but in the heart of the groin."

"You will now pay dearly for your reckless slamming!"

"Slamming is puerile foolishness!"

"Overcome your childishness and enter the world of the Man Slam."

"Impossible! Nothing exceeds the Slam Gods!"

"I will G-Slam you now to the high maximum! Prepare to meet Negative Heaven!"

"What in G-Blazes?!"

"wat will u do now ? ? i will now maximum slam U"

"HA !!!!!! you overestimate yet again u damned blasphemer for it is i who am wearing the g-giga glungo magbafubbin SUPREME HEAVEN OF LORD KING BLAMBLAM WARJUNGO BLASTER"

"!!!!!! b-but u do not hav the skill 2 use it …….."

"HOW DARE U QUESTION MY ABILITIES u will now feel my full wrath"

-Annals of Slam Shack, episode 546: "Universal Collapse"