Slam Vs Ram Conflict

Also abbreviated as SRC. A five-year-long standoff that involved all of humanity. It arose when Ramming, a so-called (by detractors) "less masculine" form of Slamming, was developed by fringe groups and started to gain increasing support from non-conservative peoples. Because Slam Power had for so long been upheld as the purest kind of expression in the universe, the proposal that there was another Power just as good was a maximum curve-ball. Thus there arose a division between Slammers and Rammers.

Although the Rammers started out by combating the Slammers simply through peaceful protest, they too, in time, turned to violent madness, going so far as to construct a gigantic mechanical dark wolf that stood 120 feet high at the shoulder named RAM HOWL. This shot smaller mecha-wolves out of its mouth that rammed targets with inhuman power, and was only brought down when the Slammers assembled an army of supporters who had learned how to turn into Mega Demons and retain their allegiance.

The SRC might have lasted for a hundred times its actual duration had the conflict not literally torn the G-Urth apart. The climactic moment arrived when the Supreme Slam Squadron deployed 500,000 Super Slam Bombs upon the remaining (but most powerful) Rammers. Rather than running away, the Rammers met this hellish rain with bodies posed in unrelenting Ram-readiness; and so bomb met bristling bod, and a white light of apocalyptic Slamram BOOM covered the face of the G-Urth and cracked it into a trillion exploding chunks.

All of the Neo Slam Gods had escaped into outer space before the explosion. Pumpatron then executed a hidden technique called FUNDAMENTAL SLAM — a series of slams so mega that the very fabric of timespace was slammed backwards, and the world was reformed. Subsequently, the Neo Slam Gods descended to G-Urth and erased "Ram" from every dictionary so that the concept would not exist for humanity. It remains to be seen if any humans will figure out what other words rhyme with "Slam" and give birth to a new world-wide war.