Slames are gelatinous, sentient lifeforms that resemble gelatinous desserts or jelly. Unfortunately, they do not have the same fruity taste. Slames usually dwell around small villages, and actively barricade villagers from the rest of the world. Those who venture out of this fissure usually become average adventurers. Despite common sense, these people are usually of the inexperienced, young type. Men-at-arms and trained men in these villages can never seem to escape the slames. The enclosure of slames on many villages has created an intense atmosphere of hopelessness and insecurity. So strong is this nihilistic presence that many villagers rely on wandering vagabonds to carry out their daily chores and routines. Other villages have gone extinct in the absence of such noble nomads, despite having ample conditions for subsistence.

Slames can slam, but their name is actually derived from "S. Lame Dude," which stands for "Super Lame Person." Slames are translucent but have no visible internal organs. This frightens scholars. Slames are "hunted" by Certain culinary chefs (CC-Cs) who valor their subtle palate and texture.

It is 100% unknown to natural philosophers how the slame is capable of killing anything.