Slamus Ballweaver

Slamus Ballweaver is a bounty hunter who studied the behavior of bingledorps. She now goes to different worlds while pressing herself into a ball and slam bombing her way across the galaxy, very much alike how the bingledorp vaults itself over small pits. Despite being a bounty hunter, she rarely goes after bounties, and mostly just finds excuses to destroy aliens. She's especially fond of causing the mass extinctions of alien wildlife such as Dongadoos, Wakkzams, Ridleys, Fat Dinosaurs, and Hasslelungs.

It is not certain how her exoskeleton power suit works, because her true form is not humanoid but of that of a giant continuously flexing bicep the size of several football stadiums.

Her final technique is the legendary ram known as Radiram (Radiating of Ram). Her body transmutes into hot liquid gold and proceeds to travel at several million kilometers per hour.

When she is not killing aliens by the trillions, she likes to have coffee with members of the Beaumont Family.