Son of Slam

Also known as The Legendary Slammer. He was born a thousand years ago, and at the tender age of four demonstrated the most prodigious slamming abilities ever seen in a human. It was soon revealed that Son of Slam automatically slammed everything within his immediate sight if someone said, "Slam to the ends of the earth." It just so happened that this phrase was, at the time, a popular way of saying goodbye between adventurers (which were a common sight), and so maximum tragedy ensued. Son of Slam involuntarily slammed houses, towns, cities, and even mountains into oblivion.

The finale to this trail of tremendous terror was when Son of Slam, after a particularly large shitfit, found himself in a forest next to group of warriors who had been attending the yearly Meeting of Muscle. All two hundred of the warriors were just then departing, and so Son of Slam was subjected to "Slam to the ends of the earth" to the two-hundredth degree.

It is said that, in reaction to this event, Son of Slam slammed the world so hard and so vigorously that it exploded. A few modern people disagree, saying that the world would be gone if that had happened.