fSonic was the original hedgehog lord that ruled over Krush. At first, Sonic had a human adult girlfriend and was put into a band, but in the years of the Man vs. Hedgehog conflict, this information was purged. There are no visual accounts left of the band or of Sonic's human girlfriend. Also, contrary to popular conception, Sonic was not a hedgehog but rather an extraterrestrial bingledorp. It is said all modern bingledorps can be traced back to Sonic as their common ancestor. Astronomers place Sonic's planet of origin as Moebius.


Sonic is believed to have been artificially created by higher beings similar to the Original Slam Gods. A key difference in his organic structure is that he does not slam but rather Spins; Spinning can be used similarly to slamming. At fast enough speeds, the quills on Sonic's back became extreme dangerous, causing them to feel like sandpaper rubbing on you a hundred times a second. Upon Spinning into a target, the feeling is quite like slamming. It is known that the higher beings also created a handful of other creatures including Mighty the Humpler, and a clone of Pumpatron. According to Sonic, they were discarded and the vestiges of their hearts were implanted into him as a gruesome memory.


The spin was a technique personally developed by Sonic through years of hard training. The Spin utilizes momentum and throwing force, allowing the object or person to have a spiraling effect. Since momentum is limitless with the Spin, the force of a punch can theoretically be turned from a single ton applied per inch to infinity tons per inch.The potential of Spin depends on the mathematical principles of the Golden Flex where if one were to flex hard enough, their arm could flex individual bones to cells to atoms, creating an infinite spiral.

Humans can use a variety of round objects, such as steel balls, to use Spin, but only Sonic has been recorded with using himself as the object of Spin. Sonic's Spin techniques include the Spin Jump, Spin Attack, and his most prized technique, Spin Dash. When the Spin Dash, Sonic reached supersonic speeds from a standstill. To do this, Sonic crouched, curled into a ball, and feverishly spins while using the lever on his body to act as a brake. This allows Sonic to store up pent up speed which he was able unleash in an instant. If he pumped up enough speed, the matter around him broke apart, creating a hazardous blue aura that felt like a shredding tornado.

Arriving on the Adobe of Slam

Upon being catapulted by his creators, Sonic plummeted into our planet on Christmas Island, Burgburg. When humans recovered him from the wreckage he had wrought (an ancient 50 km x 1000 km pillar, The Herald of Hedgehogs, now hypothesized to be an alien beacon), he went into a state of paranoia and dispatched his rescuers, crushing their skulls with his Spinning technique.

Nightmare's grandfather, Baddreamaffar, then the Caliph, witnessed this on a clifftop while having a diplomatic mission on the island. Aroused by the bingledorp's senseless aggression, this marked a the beginning of an eternal fascination with Sonic and Krush for Certain Country's proud dynasty.

Sonic, on the other hand, began his life on G-Urth as a impoverished being. He took up residence with a family of hedgehogs near the dumpsters of a fast food franchise speculated to be Hort-Dog Horton's. The chemical byproduct in these hotdogs had a intoxicating effect on the family and Sonic, and slowly warped their brains into believing the common beliefs of the Burgburger, to love the chili dog, salute the flag. In contrast, Sonic and the others also gained the desire to run really fast.

Upon collecting a pair of sneakers in the family's dumpster, Sonic bid farewell in search of adventure.

Feverish Friendship with the Enigmatic Eggman

While trying to increase his speed, Sonic took up religious service in the then active Ram church on Christmas Island, volunteering to ram walls by running into them. However, Sonic proved to be worthless against the 100m thick diamond walls, causing ire along Ram members. They ousted him. In bitter depression, Sonic continued to ram everything he could see, in hopes of obtaining the power of ramming without the church.

One day, Sonic bashed through a sewer grate and found himself struggling to keep afloat in Burgburg's drainage system. On the brink of certain death, Sonic summoned up the willpower to ram, and successfully broke through the sewer wall (coincidentally consisted of 100m thick diamond walls (Burgburg took pride in its excrement)).

He tumbled into the lab of then-unknown scientist Ovi Kintobor. They quickly became friends because of their anti-Ram institution ideologies. Being at the height of the Slam vs. Ram conflict, Kintobor was in the process of creating the ultimate anti-ramming device but was missing the substantial amount of power required, the Mega-Disaster Dorps (MEGAD-D).

Realizing the speed Sonic was capable of (all his attempts at ramming actually buffed his shins considerably (because of his alien origins, muscle development in Sonic differs from the species on G-Urth, Sonic's legs turned into compact twigs with the power of jackhammers)), Kintobor offered Sonic the mission to collect the MEGAD-D's, offering to share the Nobel Peace Prize they would get in the aftermath of Ram's total obliteration. Sonic managed to grab six of the seven MEGAD-D's, the last one remained in the secluded Temple of Crom. Even though the mission was fruitless, Kintobor offered Sonic to try again after intense speed training on his treadmill.

Months passed, and Kintobor developed the iconic Power Sneakers, which reduced the friction on Sonic's feet, allowing him to reach his full potential. Upon using the Power Sneakers in conjunction with the treadmill, Sonic was vaulted through Kintobor's lab and swore revenge.

Thus began an epic rivalry…


Kintobor decided to continue development on his anti-ramming device, not realizing that the creation of such devices paralleled with the Dark Slam Gods. Kintobor was not well-versed in Slam scripture because of his naive ambitions as an scientist. The heavy workload and tampering with MEGAD-D's eventually turned him into a dark being, whose immorality built up on his body, encasing him in his now iconic rotund form.

In his new grotesque and darkly form, he renamed himself Eggman and openly declared war on hedgehogs. Eggman was completely unaware that Sonic was not a hedgehog but his constant labeling of Sonic as a hedgehog would lead to the modern popular misconception. Eggman eventually amassed enough political power in Fat Nation, using mind control powers he gained from the MEGAD-D's.

While having hotdogs with his foster hedgehog family, Sonic peered in the air to see a colossal Slam Bomb, Big Bertha. It leveled the entirety of Christmas Island and killed the family. Sonic vowed even greater revenge for Fat Nation disrupting his meal. Sonic traveled to one of the states neighboring Fat Nation, possibly the mythic Maple Country. Using his attitude, Sonic attracted a large following then pulled off a coup d'état, renaming the nation to Krush. The former Maple Country king was deposed after Sonic took the Power of Lords, the souls of each member in the country's legislative cabinet and used them to break open the Kiln of the First Maple Tree, the king's chamber of seclusion. Before Sonic, no one had seen the king. Maple Country was appalled to see that the king was a goblin and quickly ordered his death, securing Sonic in the country's authority.

With his new-found powers, Sonic openly declared war on Burgburg and began the Man vs. Hedgehog Conflict.


While war was constant during Sonic's reign, Krush managed to pull itself out of recession and a large cult of personality surrounded Sonic. Folk songs about their "hedgehog" hero rallied troops in battle, and chili dog stands became the pillars of the formerly weak economy. To this day, chili dogs are Krush's top exports. In a lapse of policy, Sonic accidentally ordered the death of half the population. To improve public favor, Sonic befriended one of Krush's citizens, Tails and offered Tails a role in Sonic's personal sabotage missions. In reality, he wanted to employ Tails but not pay him, so he gave Tails a false sense of companionship. Despite their numerous successes, they still could not keep up with Eggman's own astonishing speed who would escape at the brink of his capture.

Sonic eventually found the last of the MEGAD-D's and befriended its guardian, the ancient Knuckles. Sonic loved using animals in war, as he found the humans of Krush incompetent fools. He soon replaced the army with hedgehogs and his circle of friends, who all became dominant in the political circle, were all animals. In the ending years of the Man vs. Hedgehog conflict, Sonic confiscated all of Eggman's MEGAD-D's and transformed into a Dark Slam God, Super Sonic. Using incredibly powers similar to becoming a Super Saiyan, Sonic pricked Eggman's body and the Fat Nation tyrant exploded into a pool of bile and rotting organs.

After a brief stint killing Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic passed from this world after choking on a chili dog. He was given a grand procession attended by billions. After a bystander hit someone with a chili dog in an act of anti-Krush, a riot erupted and a quarter of the funeral's attendants were killed. From Sonic's death erupted a massive power vacuum and an era of civil wars decorated the decades after Sonic's death. Finally, forty hedgehogs claimed the Power of Lords, but only after all humans were executed brutally by the various warring factions.

Today, a large monument to the humans stands in Krush Country's capital plaza where it is often used as a public restroom.