Space Sephiroth

Very similar to Space Godzilla, except Sephiroth.



One day, many years ago, Sephiroth decided that he needed to expand his powers beyond murdering flower girls, and used his Helicopter Technique with his Masamune sword to ascend into space. He then proceeded to force other planets to submit to his will (fairly easy, considering that almost none of the planets were inhabited by living beings). Sephiroth met his greatest match when he was challenged by Ultimate White Dragon With Purple Helmet. He embedded himself in the nearest planet's core and made the solar system's sun explode by praying really hard for a huge comet to hit it. The supernova caught Ultimate White Dragon With Purple Helmet by surprise, since there is no noise in space and his back was turned to it. Ultimate White Dragon With Purple Helmet was utterly destroyed. However, the supernova also hit the planet Sephiroth was hiding in, blowing Sephiroth to bits, too.

Sephiroth's cells were sucked through a black hole, given ample dosages of Hidden G Power, and spat back out in another part of the universe. These cells were collected by the alien Dr. Bebibarroo who created a Sephiroth clone in his spaceship's laboratory. This new Space Sephiroth was ten-thousand feet tall and had an even more boring personality, making him quite formidable. Space Sephiroth destroyed Dr. Bebibarroo's ship and escaped to find an alien who could make him a ten-thousand-foot-long trenchcoat.


Before he could do so, he was absorbed by Nightmare the Jujin Level 3.