Stiffborg Buto

Stiffborg Buto is a masked crusader who idles in Kusobuya, Land of Taiyou. After a large comet decimated Kusobuya, a group of aliens, the Wigglers, emerged and infiltrated Taiyounese society by wearing the corpses of those fallen in Kusobuya. But the jig was up by the time those corpses rotted away, and the skeletons that once inhabited them grouped together and drove the aliens out. One band of skeletons founded the mega corporation, WRECKT, which delved into scientific research of the Masked Skull System, magnificent exoskeletons befitting a skeleton. Stiffborg Buto is the most well-known user of such exoskeletons.

Over the last few decades, the Wigglers have become a lower class and are oppressed by the skeleton government in Kusobuya. Buto is part of the secret police known as The Masked Murderers that helps destroy the Wigglers. Buto's speciality is in being as ho most ungraceful as possible. Wigglers are startled by his total lack of ability, then proceed to get beat in the face anyway because of a monstrous enigma. Buto's punching speeds is below the World's Slowest Animal's Punch, measuring under one inch per hour. Fortunately, Buto's Masked Skull System comes equipped with a beetle-shaped time-slowing device, the Beetle Bimbo. This allows Buto to punch at below-average speeds. However, the Beetle Bimbo also has a tendency to announce all of Buto's attacks five seconds in advance.

Buto's attitude is considered one of the worst. It is not certain how he gets anything done. 99.9% of the time, he will walk in on people in Kusobuya and, with one finger in the air, proclaim that he is the chosen one. He will then proceed to own people at their own craft. Again, this is without reason.

Other users of the Masked Skull System have all but disappeared. This has been linked to Buto giving previous users sticks of gum in exchange for their Beetle Bimbos. Buto's persuasive ability is vast, and some researchers are beginning to hypothesize that Buto convinces a Wiggler to beat them up before pounding them for several years until explosion.