Strong-Headed Omaimi

Strong-Headed Omaimi is a gargantuan wrestler from the Land of Taiyou. She towers over any other human by about 500%. At age twelve, she became International Wrestler Champion Hell Fiend Lord after winning The Devil's Fight, an international gladiatorial competition in Ohio.

She has long white hair and the skin of a Satan. In many cases she has been mistaken as a Battle Satan because of her immense physique and rich-red skin, as well as her fondness for cosplaying as various tanks. She has used this to her advantage, sneaking into Hell to smuggle various goods, such as their world-renowned sailor uniforms, bento boxes, and skeletons.

She is mild-mannered and quiet. Her stoicism and well-balanced cranium can be linked to her being heir apparent of the proud Omaimi Fighting Devils Dojo, a martial institution with over 30,000 years of history. They are responsible for developing the crucial technique, the Devil Snare, which has the capacity to decapitate three billion devils at once.

Obviously, perfecting a skill like decapitation requires studious self-decapitation. The famed Omaimi Family Head Regeneration Technique has been used a total of several billion times by Strong-Headed Omaimi, and her head has only grown stronger…

Now she is as hard-headed as the strongest devil!