Sun-Shooting is the popular sport of shooting down suns with arrows. The sport is particularly popular in areas which experience droughts and Finland. The sport originally arose as a necessity in the bare desert regions of G-Urth, such as Hell, Jut's Farm, and Onio. The first competitions took place over the course of sixty days, as sun-shooters would hurl arrows at the several billion suns that revolve around G-Urth*, hoping to take several million down. The competitions were such a resounding success that a trillion suns were felled, and their carcasses were gutted for valuable minerals like Fire and Hot Air.

However, rampant competitions soon led to the populaces becoming Full of Hot Air, and subsequent arguments tore down the communities. In Hell, Satan was the first to limit Sun-Shooting, and over the course of the next hundred years, sun-shooting became more and more of a bourgeois sport. Eventually, it became even more bourgeois than pro-wrestling.

At this point, sun-shooting was a semi-millennial event mired in bureaucracy. Sun-shooters had to first win the Planet-shooters League, but before that was the Meteor-shooters League, and before that was the Large Rock-shooters League, and so forth. Because of these ludicrous restrictions and regulations, most sun-shooters were typically of the age of 10,000,535,567,343 years old. Sun-shooting became to lose its voice among the youths as no one wanted to see creaky old people play xtreme sports.

It wasn't until the great caliph Sunmad Hassan reinvigorated sun-shooting, after he got a really bad burn at the beach, that sun-shooting could be enjoyed by billions across Certain Country.

  • It has been proven that only one sun exists in the Solar Plexus System.

Sun-shooting in Finland

Sun-shooting in Finland is a constant sporting event, in contrast to the rest of the world. The reason is because the government wants Finland eternally covered in darkness.


In the Histories, it is recorded that Sun Shangxiang, the Dragonese Princess, was the first to take down a sun with an arrow after a sunbathing dragon refused to leave her palace's rooftop.


Sunlord and Inti are not fans of the sport. Both have started several organizations to put an end to sun-shooting. Most people are fans of sun-shooting, but the vast majority of the population unwittingly donates to these pro-sun organizations because of their close ties to sports drinks such as Sunny G and Gamerraid.