Sun Slam Situation

The Sun Slam Situation was an incident where Satan pulled in the Sun closer to the G-Urth to create his own island resort and get a nice tan to attract the studs and ladies. Peklo found the new heat unbearable and traveled to Satan's resort to take back the night with his tremendous might, Nightmare. Upon Peklo's arrival with Nightmare, Satan believed his plan to be an ultimate success and saw what he thought was "Slammer's Synergy", as Nightmare was wearing a over-sized hawaiian tee and sunglasses just like him. Peklo, sensing this delusion as a threat to his Bonds of Brotherhood, quickly ended the final bout by casting Satan in fire, burning off Satan's hawaiian tee and turning his skin to a crisp black.

Satan later created a criminal organization named Black Satan after the incident, seeking revenge on Peklo and Nightmare.