Template Dracula

The first of the Draculas, a famed lineage of blood burglars. There are many stories about this particular Dracula, including "Story of a Hothead Named Dracula of Wallachia," one of the first Shounen Boy classics. Many stories also detail this Dracula's love for complete disassembly of human.

It is important to note that most of the documents containing graphic violence, high bloodsteal counts, and claims that Template Dracula took sadistic pleasure in torture, all came from his enemies — the Beaumonts, especially. It is also important to note that the people Template Dracula killed opposed the freedom of his people and broke the law in his land. His choice of capital punishment techniques were not unusual, given the time period. Therefore, all of these accounts are 100% True about him being a jerk-ass.

There are no known Dracula films that are considered "Okay." Ebung and Rumpper admitted in an interview that while they gave the Thumb Slam to every Dracula film in existence, a small but bright hope continued to fester in them. The hope to Thumb Spike was never realized, as they are both Dead.