Tetra Turddiblo

Tetra Turddiblo is the Chapel scientist who invented cloning. Cloning is often used in training, such as when wrestlers wish to spar with themselves and gauge their strengths and weaknesses. Cloning is currently limited to replicating four copies of a human. When asked to research ways to remove this limit, Tetra remarked, "No, you're not taking away my name." When Justice Knights raided her home under charges of Acts of Cultural Regression, four clones of Cotrangl launched from the floorboards and slammed them. When questioned about his involvement, Cotrangl pleaded to losing his clones in a fishing accident and presumed them dead without reporting it.

With rising paranoia about how Tetra retrieved the clones, clones are now equipped with government nanoproteins that track their location, actions, and feelings of depression. When news of the nanoproteins was discovered, clone use plummeted. Several psychologists pinpointed the decline to former clone users' love for performing muscle worship rituals and other egotistical actions, including "pumping", with their own clones.

Realizing their actions were recorded, many clone practitioners stopped out of fear of being caught for not using maximum power in these acts of egotism. While some clone-users have sued their governments for breach of privacy, these cases for refuted on the grounds of Objective Justice. Some users, on the other hand, were caught of heinous crimes using clones. One man, Alec Feceslonger, tried to increase his sense of worth by sending his clones to scope out neighborhoods and try to converse with all the townspeople. Fearing the stigmata of his name (he would use megaphones to communicate with people casually) would curse his efforts, he named each one after derided television characters. His plan fell through when everyone noticed that they all looked like Alec. No one bothered to tell Alec they knew though.

Other clone-criminals include: Strider Kawaiison who used the alias of Ultimate Pounder to increase his ability to nagger people, and Giz.

Tetra's whereabouts are unknown, but she frequently updates her social media accounts.