The Big Boom Dare

The event known as "The Big Boom Dare", or less commonly "Boom-Boom Bluster", saw Shadowslam purchase an abandoned industrial facility and detonate several explosive barrels in and on it while broadcasting these events on national television via nefarious guile. Shadowslam performed a clunky evil dance known as the Heinous Shuffle with the fiery explosions as a hellish backdrop, and called out the Neo Slam Gods, daring them to outdo his rumpus and prove that they were the Most Maximum of All.

Soon after, Crashcombo and Ramrod secured an even bigger abandoned industrial facility and dropped several atom bombs on a bunch of explosive barrels at the site. This had the effect of destroying everything within a twenty-thousand mile radius. Unbeknownst to Crashcombo, Ramrod, and the rest of the Neo Slam Gods, this had been Shadowslam's plan all along, for he knew that their weakness was in being outdone in flair.

Later, Pumpatron confronted Shadowslam and gave him a spanking.