The Bludgeonhole

The Bludgeonhole, otherwise known simply as The B-Hole, is the basement of the Nullgut mansion. It is known as one of the most notorious training rooms in the world of athletics and was established by Rock Nullgut's father, Crock Nullgut (also known as "The C" (Japanese pronounciation: za shi)), shortly after his founding of Final Destroy Wrestling. The nickname itself developed over time.

Notable Graduates

Aside from professional wrestlers, the Bludgeonhole provided training grounds for various athletes from strongmen to Bomb-Bounce players. The majority of Nullgut's sons trained in the B-Hole and went on to become involved in the wrestling and bodybuilding world, including the legendary Rock and Jock. Other famous Bludgeonhole graduates include Bingo Hellshatter, Jacko Smackadingle, J. Ass Crink, Risuki Sumeru, Boy Boy Boy MAN, Brango Pilehigh, Pushin Thunder Liger, Jericho Wall, Bret Hard, Squint Storm, Bobby Butterflump, Justin Edible, E.D.G.E., and X Unpronounceable. The final graduate of the Bludgeonhole was Big Kiddo.

Inspiring Quote

“I take a lot of pride in being one of the last guys that had the hands-on training from Papa Nullgut when I went to the Nullgut family to train … It was a good experience just to be there, to imagine all the people that had been through there, and all the blood, sweat, tears, and blood that had been paid … Going to the Nullgut family for training was kind of like, if you're a very religious person, going to the Grandgod Church.”

—Bingo Hellshatter, SLAM STORIES, p. 5,554

Naming, Uses, and History

One of the first televised acknowledgements, if not the first such acknowledgement, of the nickname "Bludgeonhole" was by then WHAMESCO color commentator Timbo "Screamface" Bodaggle. Its first significant exposure was in the documentary Gutting Nullgut: Wrestling with Wrestlers. In it, the Bludgeonhole was moderately filmed for the first time and Crock Nullgut was shown demonstrating wrestling holds on a pupil in severe pain before slamming the pupil through seven consecutive floors. Rock also discussed the brutality his father would inflict on him and the morbid words Crock uttered as he tortured his teenage son, such as "c̪̠͎h̺͓̱̖͔̝͙ą̪̯̹̦̘̤o̦̞̲͙ͅs̹̹͓.͔̩͠. " A bonus feature on Rock's DVD set also shows him discussing the Bludgeonhole and its legendary status.

Various activities took place in the Bludgeonhole, ranging from weight lifting, to shoot wrestling, to demon summoning and battling. Rock Nullgut has described the Bludgeonhole in interviews as having holes in the walls and ceiling from bodies being driven into them. He also noted that practices could, at times, be as intense as Slam Gods styled fighting. Twenty years ago, WHAMESCO filmed a match between Ultimate Warrior and Terry Boulder in the B-Hole for the Fully Loaded pay-per-view. The match ended ambiguously in a supernova that disabled the recording equipment, angering many viewers who then demanded refunds. Leading up to the Nullgut House's sale a few years after the event, the Nullgut Brothers Muscle Hell Training Camp still ran three times a week. A very similar training camp remains today at the family's gym, although none of the Nullgut brothers are involved, being too caught up in muscle embiggening. Students are, however, trained in the classic Bludgeonhole style, and are often destroyed 1000%.