The Drummer

The Drummer is a God-tier adversary that has long plagued the Chapel as well as all of Eurump with his nefarious beats.

It is not certain if he is living or dead, or if he has ever been sealed. Because of this, there is debate on how much of the information on the Drummer should be revealed in the case he may find one bit of information slanderous and slam the world into a black hole. Recent records provide evidence that this has already happened approximately 1,032,534 times. Because of this, the article will omit information.


The Drummer is a man of apparently Scandinavian origin with enormous powers, though his existence is usually passed off as myth. It is not known where he came from, how he has his powers or who he is, but he is feared far and wide. Rumours of his origin say that a shard of darkness, from Dark Mals, traveled through hyperspace and entered the body of a young Scandinavian man who was a pioneer of Viking Metal, turning him into The Drummer, although this rumour is extremely unreliable as the existence of Dark Mals is, itself, unconfirmed. He is usually depicted in a fur vest with chains binding a drum to his back and two large axes on drumsticks, with beige clothe pants, fur boots, a Viking helmet and a mask that obscures his identity. His eyes are believed to be pools of terror accumulated from all of mankind's history and pre-history.

Accounts of his powers have been recorded by anonymous sources, as people are much too afraid to reveal their names, in case The Drummer happens upon these records. Nevertheless, it is believed that he possesses powers such that he can challenge the Neo Slam Gods and survive, perhaps even win, although the great Slam God Scholar, Diplo, disagrees, saying that the Neo Slam Gods would not be affected by The Drummer's meager powers. His most prominent power seems to be an extremely strong ability to warp and change reality in a 500 metre radius around him. It is said that this ability of his is so strong that he can even create a brave new world in this 500 metre radius, permanently. Due to this, The Drummer can have any possible power he wishes. More powers have been documented, including hypnosis, possession, superhuman physical attributes and a deep use of dark magic.

The Drummer is said to have even more powers; some sects worship him as a dark god, but even to them, The Drummer is not kind.

The only one who can nullify The Drummer's powers and defeat him is said to be Wolfgang Krauser, the Earl of Stroheim. This is due to the Earl's great spirit of Chivalry and his Wrestling Arts of the House of Stroheim. It is argued that Peklo, when he becomes enormous during the summer, can also challenge The Drummer and possibly defeat him, but this has yet to be proven.

The Drummer: Legacy of the Villainous Beats

A secret record on the Drummer was discovered off the Persian Gulf a hundred years ago. Sealed by a billion diamond locks, it was finally unlocked in 2009. Scholarly sources suggest that the writing belongs to Nightmare. Despite the unlocking of the seals, the text is greatly damaged by stains of Grim. It is suggested to be the remnant Hatred of Peklo.

Events in the book depict the Crushing of Flexboy and the Killing of Antique Table's expensive drawer. Despite its sensational nature, the book has been very helpful in uncovering the power of The Drummer. It appears that in this story that The Drummer is an omnipresent being comparable to a Slam God, even manifesting himself as the Moon.

Despite its implied authorship, many other scholars argue that the piece is unreliable fiction. Evidence for this theory includes the fact that Flexboy would have been completely rusted by the time the story takes place and incapable of thought, let alone flexing, and that there is no evidence in the historical record that Barely Regal ever existed.


  • The Drummer is friends with EX=DEATH, the ungodly fusion of Death Adder and Exdeath. It is said that they like to go out and kill people together. It is very romantic.
  • The Drummer does not like the Chapel. He feels a colossal anger when near it and always kills one or two hundred Chapelpeople whenever he appears. The source of this grudge is still unknown.
  • The Drummer appears to be greatly disturbed by beings with lots of ying qi, suggesting he is a being of immense of yang qi. Because of this, he also has a susceptibility to rough terrain when in an weakened state. But because of his powers, this is no problem otherwise.
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