The Dungeon

"Dare to face the evil darkness? It is written that the creatures behind that door will return very soon to claim the souls of your loved ones, and send you straight to HELL! Be aware!"

-Entrance plaque

The Dungeon is a 1,000 floored underground dungeon located under the ruins of Castillo de Coxenburg. It is filled to the brim with bickering goblins who are considered Society's Worst. Unsurprisingly, the group includes Thernz and Nagumo. When he realized that Coxenburg's entire population was turned into goblins, Lord D. F. Jogre of Coxenburg relocated them underground out of embarrassment. In the hallowed and deepest chambers lies the source of Coxenburg's terrible Goblinening, a hideous slime that proclaims itself to be Coxxus, shuffling back and forth and trying to create heartwarming stories about Draculas. The chamber is guarded by Final Dungeon Enemies to secure the faith of the goblins, despite Coxxus' less than glamorous lifestyle.

Peklo was once imprisoned in the Dungeon, but escaped after reaching a level of bickering unheard of in the Dungeon and caused all nearby goblins to explode. Lord D. F. Jogre believed this was a ruse to take over the Dungeon, unaware that Peklo was always like this.