The Great Piss Crisis

The Great Piss Crisis was a significant bottleneck of piss that occurred when social media was initially created. A surge in popularity with the Exploding Pissing Beef Balls caused several food pundits to decry the street food as cultural destruction. In an attempt to curb the consumption of Exploding Pissing Beef Balls, they used astroturfing to claim that all piss was shameful. Reactions to piss-shaming became out of control. While Exploding Pissing Beef Balls were quickly abandoned mid-meal, so was the act of pissing.

Gravely Golden Consequences

As people held their piss in their bladders, a mass depopulation occurred when all of their bladders exploded from excessive piss-holding. It's said that five-quarters of the G-Urth population perished. It was not until state governments started the "If You Piss, We'll Pay" campaigns that the massive mortality rates reversed.

The piss-for-pay policies briefly submerged the entire world in piss. A further six-quarters of the G-Urth population perished in the plentiful piss.