The Groke

The Groke was a massive creature from the distant past. In the old historical records, it was known as a terrible menace who froze everything it touched. According to observations, the Groke's appearance resembled that of a great mound of dense death-black fur with bulging, cold eyes, and a set of pearly sharp teeth with the strength of adamantium. The Groke almost destroyed an entire Finnish settlement by walking over their crops. The Groke usually resided in a cavern in Lonely Mountain, a harsh, spiked, peak. It is not known what provoked the terrible Groke to come outside its cave to attack the developing Finnish populace. The Groke was eventually defeated and with a gurgling scream, Finland became a hundred times colder. The Finnish felt extreme guilt, forming the basis for their love for grim melancholy.

Historical Revisionism

Some scholars suggest that the Groke was not actually a monster, but actually merely a creature forsaken by its genetics. They believe its actions were that of a lonely creature seeking friendship and warmth. Some even suggest that the killing of the Groke offset a chain of events that led into the Dark Mals' reemergence. Some believe the Groke's power resides in Peklo. Indeed, everything Peklo touches tends to freeze unless they are of a high enough power level. This makes Peklo's figurine collecting hobby extremely taxing and expensive.