The Hand
The Hand
Japanese Name ザ・ハンド
User Badder Tumblegood
Namesake Human Body Part
known as Hand
Gender Righty
Manga Debut Vol. 29 Ch. 274
The Goldclank Aniki (1)
Destructive Power B
Speed B
Range D
Durability C
Precision C
Fingers 4-5

The Hand randomly appears on all floors of the Thebe's Club for Square People in Heck. Upon spotting adventurers, it will attempt to flee and will disappear if it reaches a dead end. Approaching this creature from directly behind it will allow the adventurer to catch it unaware.

At the point in time it is usually first encountered, slashing, striking, or piercing will allow for more damage than attacking it normally would. After being defeated, it will drop a Wealth Coin that can be sold. Later, after Certains Antiques re-opens, it will also begin to drop nihilism that can be fatal to adventurers.

The Hand is also the subject of one of Alis's requests. While the request is active, The Hand will only drop Lead Medals when defeated.

The Hand also inhabit Malebolge and Cocytus within the Hell Temple. These are immune to elemental attacks but are weak to a random physical type each punch.

The Hand appears as a rare golden shadow, possibly found in all of the halls of the Steamy Bathhouse within the Mashchester Channel. It may rarely attack or stand by coolly while its health is still high but it will escape when damaged. Using electricity followed by an all-out hissatsu waza is the most efficient way to defeat it before it flees. While not listed as a weakness, it will take double damage from Nightmare smirking.

Once defeated, it will drop a chest key and 3,000 Bingles.

Friends with Ted DiBlase.