The Hobert

The Hobert is the most critically acclaimed video game of all time, and the creative impetus for the timeless novel by J. R. K. Tollking. In it, players take control of one Bumbo Borgins, a Hobert who lives in Hobertown. When a band of dwarves sets out to rescue their treasure from the most dragon in the land, Bumbo is selected by the wizard, Rinaldo Gandolfi, to become the troop's personal Humblebumbo. Thus, it is Bumbo's task to collect 9,875,000,000 rupees in Hobertown and the wilderness beyond. In addition, Bumbo must find cures for colds and dry wood for fires, all while plopping his pie-stuffed body around on goblins for vague, massive damage. The Hobert ends with an epic battle against more goblins that has been symbolically mined by academics the world over.

The Hobert holds a Metacritic ranking of 100.2%.