The Land Of Dragons

The Land Of Dragons is a humongous civilization that acts as a buffer state between Land of Taiyou/Nippon/Anime Country and the rest of the world. It is obsessed with dragons to an even greater extent than Duke Von Gaibon is, and has a robust economy based on rice and Jiang Shi. The country is ruled by the even hand of the Ultimate Emperor of the Lord Kings Under Heaven, otherwise colloquially known as Da BIGGU Wang (大BIGGU王). The Land of Dragons has an exhaustive history that is compiled in Golden PeKINGU where it rests besides preserved covers of western pop done by the country's pop artists. Pop artists are the "renaissance men" of the Land of Dragons and they often pursue careers in acting, poetry, politics, and wrestling. Pop artists include: Thernz.

The country is known for promoting a secular style of slamming called KING FU (Note: written in non-caps, it loses all meaning in the Dragon language) which garners a healthy amount of popularity from new age fetishists in Burgburg. The Land Of Dragons currently employs a similar method of mind control like Land of Taiyou's use of anime, trying to influence Burgburgers with fortune cookies and other misappropriated cultural goods such as chopsticks and KING FU propaganda films.