The League of Bodacious Bodybuilders

The League of Bodacious Bodybuilders is a invite-only group consisting of mega-famous bodybuilders pursuing the common interest of perfecting the art of bodybuilding. Originally founded by Basil Gorgeous, its membership is extremely minute, with less than ten active members. The League has drawn criticism for its choice of invitations after Baxter Ramms, a close associate of Dag Infinite, was invited even though the League failed to ever acknowledge Nightmare. Because of this, the League is often seen as a bitter, jealous, union of self-interested elitists. The League made a press release confirming the slander as legitimate. The League inducted Nightmare after his death, commenting that, "He is best dead, and so, we honor that."

The League is often at odds with WHAMESCO. Its ideologies tend to be extremely progressive when it comes to muscle development, while WHAMESCO values the old ways of bodybuilding (praying to the Slam Gods and killing anything that isn't human). The rivalry has reached such childish heights that the League will intentionally schedule events at venues WHAMESCO plans to use at the same time. These events are usually social get-togethers or group manicure appointments, drawing the rage of WHAMESCO and its fans.

In one instance, Antique Table drew a dick at a nail saloon that canceled a fight between Giggo the Giant and Halk Hoogum when the League decided to have their nails done at the same time, but offered the saloon tenfold the money WHAMESCO paid.

Some say the League is evil because Satan is in it. The League officially states such people who judge Satan so harshly are moralistic bigots.

Jennica Bojungle has been charged with stealing funds from the League's treasury to research ice cream that won't melt, causing friction between Baxter and Dag.