The Li'l Piss Man

"Take a peek! I'll give ya a leak!"

-The Li'l Piss Man


The Li'l Piss Man ("Pis Daddy Nul" in Butch) is a folkloric hero and apocryphal Slam God hailed as savior in Waffle Country canon. The Li'l Piss Man is said to have a gargantuan statue in the city's main plaza, where the Li'l Piss Man's legend took place.

There are many legends of the piss boy, but the most historical version states that in the Battle of Pis-Over-Dick, a lord placed his babby in a basket above the enemy troops. The babby proceeded to urinate on the entire army, and swiftly routed them. Another legend states that a small boy, upon seeing his city exploded by C4 charges, took the big piss on the city fire, extinguishing it instantly. The boy was hailed a hero and immediately bronzed alive.

Traditions involving the Li'l Piss Man usually involve dressing the statue of him in the most flamboyant clothing, taking the statue's piss in the mouth, or taking a handful of piss and rubbing it on your wounds.

No one is sure where the statue's piss comes from, but it is endless and has fed the country for centuries, making the statue a separate legend in times of famine.

The Li'l Piss Man has a dang banging bonner. Big source of envy and inspiration.