The Nightmare Annexations

The Nightmare Annexations was a historical event where Nightmare's dismembered members conquered half of the world (or possibly all or more of it) after the Great Successor Slam. The Successor preemptively knew of their villainous tyrannies and fled, fearing that he too would be conquered limb by limb. The whole process took several months; being mutilated limbs, they possessed very little locomotive power. Eventually, they gained immense agility after hearing of Abyssal Gorgeous.

The Limbs of Nightmare later formed the Bodacious League of Bodybreakers, to contrast with The League of Bodacious Bodybuilders. Despite this, members of the League refused to delist Nightmare from the league, citing that Nightmare in their charter was not the same as the deleterious deltoids and company that were exceptionally fiendish yet profoundly lacking in bodybuilding. The limbs, being limbs, never learned how to lift weights by themselves, although they were very much capable of slamming.

One limb, the Shin, was rumored to have defeated the legendary hero, Crack Fist Kenny, and personally ruled the genial nation of Southern Cross for ten decades before it tripped off a balcony on the 100,000,000th floor of its palace.

List of Nations Ruled by the Limbs of Nightmare

  1. Southern Cross
  2. Barebone Backyard
  3. Nonginstrang
  4. Ramribbar
  5. Village of Villains
  6. Southern Land of Dragons
  7. Land of Taiyou
  8. Medicine City
  9. The Holy Empire of Muscle
  10. New Japan
  11. Land of Asura
  12. Burgburg
  13. Impasse of the Incongruous
  14. Balbehherra
  15. Krauser Country
  16. Shinshistan
  17. Land of Skeletons
  18. Cassandra
  19. Godland
  20. Nantoland
  21. Villainy Prison
  22. North Dakota