The Promise of Giz

Upon Babby Giz's birth, soothsayers around the world made The Promise of Giz, announcing that the next generation of children would all grow hair to the longest in honor of the mysterious Giz. No one knew who Giz was, or his significance (he did not really have any), but one soothsayer was able to mark the occasion of Giz's birth with such importance, that every medium around Eurump heeded his words. Outside of Eurump, everyone else was too smart to believe the craze with no evidence on Giz's importance.

In reality, the plan was a plot by the Dark Slam Gods, believing they could weaken humanity by persuading parents to make their offsprings grow hair to the longest. In combat, minions of the Dark Goddery would be able hence to pull on their opponents' long hairstyles. Fortunately, this proved fruitless, as the Generation of the Promise of Giz all adopted special moves involving hair, and they all lashed away at the evildoers' army with proud, strong, long hair.

Participants of The Promise of Giz