The Raising of Devil

The Raising of Devil is a famous event that happened several hundred years ago at Lord King God University when the school was in its infancy.

One day, the university's first president, Garrulous Dumpster, was called away to the nearby burg of Schlächtefracht on business. A group of students, who had been practicing the Dark Arts thanks to the availability of several Class-G Evil books they'd found at the library, took advantage of his absence to experiment with some black magic. The students did succeed in raising Satan, but were not able to control him, because no one can tell Satan what to do. Not even his dad. The Evil One proceeded to run amok on campus. In a panic, the students sent a message to Dumpster (via screaming), telling him that he needed to come back to campus immediately.

Dumpster mounted his horse and galloped back to campus to handle the rampaging demon. He was a well-trained minister and knew just what to do. When he arrived at Lord King God, he poured the contents of his gunpowder horn onto the ground in the shape of a violent ass and told the Devil to appear. Satan manifested, apparently drawn by the familiar sulfurous smell of the gunpowder. Dumpster ignited the gunpowder and the Devil disappeared in a fiery explosion, leaving behind only a foul smell.

There is no record on whether the students were expelled or were given extra credit for successfully applying what they found in the library.