The Successor
The Successor
First Appearance {$first}
Title Simply Sensational
Rank The Successor
Role None
Status Unknown
Cause of Death {$death}
Powers Unknown
Abilities Unknown
Grim Synergy Unknown
Age Unknown
Country Muscle Island
Height Unknown, rumored to
be around 5m
Weight Unknown, rumored to
be around 90,000,000
Speed SuperSonicSpeed
Power Level SSSensational!!!
Blood Type OOO
Family None
Marital Status {$martial}
Likes Crushing apples
Dislikes Not making money
off The Chapel
Treasures Alis
Hobbies Working out, writing
small tunes for his guitar
Favorite Food Apples
Forte in Sports Martial arts, crushing
Fighting Style Fist of the G-Arm
Weapon of Choice {$weapon}
Attacks {$attacks}
Battle Cry {$battlecry}
Win Quote {$swagger}
Most Unpleasant Cult of Diplo
Weakness {$weakness}
Favorite Music His own music played with
Personality {$personality}
An unbelievably Successful.

The Successor is simply sensational. His current whereabouts are unknown, although it is rumored that he has taken to video. Another theory is that he has taken the teachings of Warrior University to heart and abandoned all his friends for the sake of an efficient diet.

The Beginning of the End (Or a New Beginning)

As time went on, Resonacia's vigor waned. New civic projects became a thing of the passed, and human activity dwindled. The cause was unknown; the spirit of the place had somehow been dulled by a depressing force. Just when a revitalizing effort was needed most, the Successor was found in the Chapel Hall in an unshakable funk, endlessly repeating, "The Lords are coming…" Soon after, the Successor ordered all of Resonacia's inhabitants to leave the city's premises, having them move into a quickly assembled camp several miles away. From afar, the now-exiles watched a newly silent Resonacia sit unchanged. What was the Successor doing?

Months later, the enormous doors to the city mysteriously opened on their own, and from beyond them came the sounding of trumpets that could be heard in the camp. By now, however, most of the camp's inhabitants had moved onto other places: either different towns or houses that they built themselves in estranged regions. Thus, the reopening and repopulating of Resonacia was a minor affair constituted mostly by the original core group. Several new faces were seen that could not be accounted for, as they were not a part of the returnees.

Hero solely, and inexplicably, maintained a relationship with the Successor, who now rarely ventured outside of his Chapel Hall. The Successor had developed a suffocating obsession with strange, relic-like objects of lore, such as Graham's Scarf, and was now fond of going into the Chapel's archives and reading the Tomes of Phannfickshun by candlelight (even though the Chapel Hall was supplied with electricity). Hero often returned to the Chat Tavern to report his dealings with the Successor to people such as Diplo, Nightmare, Thernz, and Peklo. Strangest besides the Successor's own consuming interests and delusions regarding Resonacia's well-being was a figure Hero claimed to see running through the Chapel's halls at nighttime. Little did Hero know that this figure was spying on him and his companions whenever he came to the Chat Tavern…

The Fall of the Greatest and the Unveiling of the Father of a Hundred Faces

The first signs of trouble consisted of disconnected incidents. Peklo found himself locked out of his cabin in Resonacia, as did Diplo and Nagumo. When Peklo came to the Chat Tavern to bemoan his misfortune, he discovered its doors bolted. Peklo, being the inquisitive person he was (he was known for spying on the residents of Resonacia through their windows as a hobby), peered through the window. He was bewildered to find the Tavern's halls filled to the brink with shadowy figures. When people reported the problem, the Successor scoffed at the problem, stating that the Chapel had higher priorities. Indeed, it did, for the reduced population had significantly reduced its GDP. Many of the projects at the Chapel had fallen. The Chapel's Symphonic Moon Theater only had its foundations finished, the large Forgotten Library was truly forgotten, and the large stone monument of Ultimate Warrior only had its legs finished, though they were still very spectacular.

Peklo was unable to contact Successor or any services to unlock the door to his house, since those that had sustained such services had all left, leaving only the Chapel's caste of bodybuilders and Thernz. None of the housing in Resonacia was adequate for Peklo's Grim, except for the cabin. Everywhere else he stepped was instantly frozen by his incredible Grim, so he decided to go back to the camp. After the loss of Chat Tavern, many of the originals decided to do the same with frequent trips back and forth. The camp was adjacent to the farm of Juts Beaumont, a kind and loving, albeit stupid, man. He lived a simple life with the Antique Table. But Successor became incredibly outraged when he learned of these trips and began making plans. Of course, Successor himself never approved fully of the Chat Tavern either. Whenever a new Chapelperson entered the Tavern, there was a chance they would meet Peklo. Upon shaking his hand, the Chapelperson would either freeze, die, or get swept by an unhealthy amount of Grim enough to permanently damage their potential for happiness. If they survived, they usually fled the Chapel the morning after.

Finally, Peklo and company found the route from the Chapel to the camp completely slammed by a strange force. Horses and caravans along the road were charred, and the whole place smelled of rotting flesh and apples. As Hero journeyed to the camp to see the horrific scene for himself, the Successor stopped him. The Successor was silent, but his bitter, swollen eyes told Hero everything. The Successor himself was the Slammer. He told Hero that he was bitterly disappointed, and also revealed that, in order to give the reopened Resonacia more of a sense of inhabitance, he had walked the streets and donned differing disguises at superhuman speed and skill to create solid after-images that appeared to be various people. Among these alter egos had been Alis. The Successor then slammed Hero away to Burgburg while shouting, "Return to thine obese country!" Thus was Hero removed from the Chapel's elite corps.

After some time, Hero's absence caused distress among the rest of the Chapelites. Thernz and Nagumo left the premises of the Chapel, heading for the Dungeon in search of new adventure. Only Peklo and Nightmare remained, as Diplo had left the world in great sorrow. Due to these suspicious incidents, the two decided to investigate matters and went to meet up with Wolfgang Krauser, the great Baron of Stroheim. After a brief meeting, Peklo attained Krauser's great wisdom and went after the three grim beings who were thought to be the cause of these ghastly incidents. During this journey, however, the Successor appeared with a grand fury. Nightmare was killed and blown into several pieces by Successor's fist, while Peklo was banished to the depths of Hell.