THE UNDERSHAKER "Large Malicious" is a primordial Satan currently hired by WHAMESCO to be the Ultimate Jobber. THE UNDERSHAKER's appearance resembles that of a pale, gargantuan, muscular, but intensely wrinkly, creaky bodybuilder. His face has 1,000 pounds of eyeliner, facial hair, and other hairs. His hair is 1,000 feet long and is supported by his fellow gravediggers. THE UNDERSHAKER's attire simply consists of a black sleeveless shirt, leather pants, and a bad hat. He usually carries around a spade. He used to wear a trench coat, but stopped when it got caught in a coffin, costing him a Buried Alive match.

THE UNDERSHAKER has won every Musclemania in existence, and continues to win them. As such, his designation as a jobber is a bit of a misnomer, and he is more appropriately called The Jobberer. When WHAMESCO writers scheduled to have THE UNDERSHAKER lose a match, they went missing. A few years later, they were discovered in a 1,000 feet ditch, buried in 1,000 feet deeper ditches buried in ditches.

THE UNDERSHAKER employs scare tactics and links to the meganatural, even suggesting that he follows the Dark Slam Gods. Even outside of kayfabe, many legitimately believe that THE UNDERSHAKER is a figment of Dark Mals and is responsible for the decline in WHAMESCO. THE UNDERSHAKER is so powerful that he routinely does not sell his opponent's attacks and instead buys them by the bulk. It is rumored that THE UNDERSHAKER's coffin is lined with limitless supplies of diamonds, golds, and muscles.

But the true power of THE UNDERSHAKER lies in his urn, carried by pasty manager, Phoenix Barer. Phoenix Barer would revive THE UNDERSHAKER whilst THE UNDERSHAKER somehow neared defeat, reinvigorating him with the power of the urn. The urn is rumored to house the talent of every dead wrestler. Since the death of Nightmare, THE UNDERSHAKER's power has grown to unprecedented power levels, forcing WHAMESCO to pit him against jobbers, otherwise he might explode the marketable talent.

THE UNDERSHAKER has a brother who is an absolute loser.