"The UNDERSHAKER Escapes from Prison"

"The UNDERSHAKER Escapes from Prison" is an internationally recognized tapestry and part of the permanent collection of Ho Most Handsome Halls. Its authorship remains disputed, but most scholars have tentatively attributed it to a Martinettian by the name of Balborucci Bodcrobblo.

The image depicts THE UNDERSHAKER escaping from a jail cell after having dug a hole into the earth and emerged on the other side. An unnamed companion remains in the cell, unaware of his partner's absence and possessing a powerful beard. Outside, two bewildered guards scan the premises to bumbling effect. The piece has been praised as a moving depiction of the power of muscle. Art critics in particular have responded to the destroyed "frame" which accommodates the UNDERSHAKER's left arm.

The piece's worth is currently estimated to be unmentionable.