He is second only to Pumpatron in the strength of his slams. In order to train, Thrusticle is fond of attaching a five-hundred-feet long, lance-like beam to his groin that is made of uranium, and then slamming as quickly as he is able. His record for consecutive slams is four-thousand-and-twenty.

Thrusticle's favorite literary genre is murder-mystery. He will often read such a book from cover to cover in one sitting, especially if the author is Dunkum Weedlebarr, famous for Who Killed Dewey Blorp?, which remained on the Finnish Laaviktaaauirkisitta Bestsellers list for three years. Sometimes, Thrusticle has asked his fellow Neo Slam Gods to reenact a murder scene from a preferred book so he may try to solve the case. This has not been complied with yet.

Thrusticle's claim to fame is, during the McDoogle Battle, having slammed down the seemingly impregnable doors protecting the enemy.

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