Titanic Grizzled Dumplords

Abandoned by all the gods and suffering from the Titan Wars, a new threat rises from the soil. A young warrior is attacked from the shadows and deprived of his soul. He sets off to reclaim what is lost amidst the darkness that is spreading throughout the world. The banned Mages could be powerful allies on his quest. To get their help, he needs to find the Mage sanctuary on Taranis, also known as the Island of Thunder. Protected by the Guardians, the Mages search the mines of Taranis for crystals loaded with magic energy.So the valiant warrior started his journey from crab coast to Taranis he met a mage in the gate the mage told him to meet one of the guardians.Baker we can choose 2 paths truogh the cave or past the roads.Searching Magic Crystals is a dangerous job so you need an Comrade In-Arms to help giving reports of 3/4 mines of taranis the reports will be given to General Magnus.Killing a Shadow Lord Of Betrayal On The Western Side Of The Island After That Recover 3 Monolith Stone The You Will Be Promoted To Cadet