Tohth is a mysterious and sentient book that takes the form of manga, the paper form of anime. Using a moe art style, Tohth reveals its childish predictions. On occassion, Tohth will refuse to predict the future and proceed to fill its pages with phallic imagery. Nevertheless, the way its predictions are generated imply it has sentience. It represents the Certain God Toto.

Tohth is usually full of blank pages, but upon asking politely about the future, it will fill up with pages. Tohth tends to like being vague and does not fully explain the circumstances of its predictions, leading users to misread the fortunes. It is claimed that Tohth has an even greater power. If a person tries to go against the predictions in Tohth, they are afflicted with severe misfortune. Tohth's sexual preference is under heavy study in Mashchester.

Tohth's form as a manga is reference to The Book of Thoth, which was a manga said to have been written by the Certain God Toto, and is said to contain knowledge of how to talk to Jhen Mohrans as well as the ability to perceive oneself as a Slam God, or having supernatural abilities, similar to the idea of exercising.