Tower of Yellowmore

The Tower of Yellowmore is a pagoda where artificial slamming devices are prohibited. The tower employs a magical security system, and if such a device is detected, the tower's floor will open up on the trespasser, sending the hapless bungler straight to Hell. Each floor is guarded by highly skilled martial artists. At the top of the tower is rumored to be the ultimate martial weapon, the G-Arm. Others say this is a sham, and that the top level is occupied by a terrifying Golden Bones.

The Tower is located in a small Dragon village where everyone wears a distinctive yellow jumpsuit.

While the Tower is rumored to actually be infinite in floors, so far, the following floors have been documented:


The base is protected by ten masters of Kyokushin Karate. The arena is filled with wandering bulls, which the karate practitioners freely slaughter when they're bored. In exchange for limitless bull-killing, the ten masters are forced to live in the first floor forever. Food is provided via chutes located near the ceiling. The usual courses are shark full soup, a soup consisting of entire sharks rather than just the fins, and guilinggao.

Seventy-fifth Floor: TEMPLE OF THE TIGER

A man with multiple arms dwells in this chamber. He employs eskrima. He uses knives, staves, and stricks in conjunction with joint locks and grappling. He comes from the Southern Land of Dragons, the land where blades were first created. A thriving blade culture still exists to this day in the Southern Land of Dragons, whereas places like Eurump have replaced blades with slamming.

Be wary when fighting on this floor, as the man will break off pillars that hold up the room and use them as weapons. In some cases, fighters have been obliterated after the ceiling has collapsed.

This chamber causes the most property damage and is under constant renovation.

Seven-hundred-and-seventy-seventh Floor: TEMPLE OF THE ABAJ

Three nameless bodybuilders who have sold their souls to the Devil, standing atop each other's shoulders, covered in Super Deformed Satans, challenge the intruder. The S. D. Satans tirelessly punch five-hundred times a second while the men spin around so fast that they resemble a muscular tornado (the man on the bottom wears golden roller skates). This sight is enough to make almost any challenger crumble in fear/confusion.

The three-man-Satan-slam can only be defeated by making "him" spin for a month straight, at which point he will begin to projectile vomit his own skeletons from dizziness. This fight is not recommended for children, who are easily impressed upon.

Thirty-three-hundredth Floor: TEMPLE OF THE DRAGON

The trespasser must face a dragon knowing hapkido. It is not certain how a dragon employs the various joint locks, grappling, and throwing techniques of hapkido. It is even rumored that the dragon is the creator of the hapkido style. The dragon's greatest power, however, is its amazingly unfitting and humorous voice; fighters become easy pickings after falling to the floor in laughter when they hear it.

Other rumors claim that this very dragon invented grappling itself.

Nine-millionth-eight-thousandth-twenty-first Floor: TEMPLE OF THE SUN

This floor is unique in that there is no martial master, but rather a pile of manga that challengers must endure. Various torture-manga include: Tree Trick, Fuwa Fuwa Kei-Off, Panzer Witches, and Lucky Star.


Guarded by Magnificent Advool the Jabber, a twenty feet tall man who is practically indestructible. His fighting style mirrors that of the Neo Slam Gods: totally unpredictable to the average human and seemingly formless.

Advool the Jabber is believed to have been born in the Goddom of the Axe, where citizens are trained in military simulations that include dinosaur mounts, giant turtles, barbarians, and DEATH=ADDER. Because of this, he is proficient in taking on billions of men at once.

Magnificent Advool the Jabber's weakness is supposedly photo sensitivity, because he hasn't been out in the sun in forever.