Translation King 琬璐

A giant shrimp discovered off the coast of the Coast of Dragons. When fishermen caught the 1000-kilometer-long shrimp, they were blinded by its vibrant colors and hurriedly tossed it back into the sea. Upon impact, the shrimp generated a colossal shockwave that sunk half the Land of Dragons. In Western societies, the shrimp has been given various nicknames, such as Bubba Gump, Big Momma, and Rainbow Colossal.

The shrimp was shortly rediscovered after Interpol sought its arrest for murdering half of the Land of Dragon's population. The shrimp then revealed its Final Ability: sweet-talking each of the thousand Interpol agents into submission with its knowledge of over a hundred languages. It is estimated that the shrimp knows ALL LANGUAGES. It has been deified in numerous coastal towns.

99.999999% of Translation King 琬璐's length is concentrated in its front arms. Unfortunately, this means it can never see where its pincers are and can never catch food. It has adapted to this, and instead sweet-talks its prey into its mouth for Devourment.