Trolls are supernatural beings that reside in the northern reaches of Finland. Contact with the peculiar species has been rare for humans who live outside of Finland so they are the subject of much conjecture. What is known about trolls is that they have fairly large snouts the color of orgone, live in isolated rocks, mountains, lighthouses, or bungholes. It is said that they are the beings who first cast melancholy on the Finnish due to being highly melancholic themselves.


It is said that a particular family of Trolls, the Muumans, survived the catastrophic impact of Big Rock Kill Smash Comet, leading some to believe that trolls are extremely powerful entities. In truth, they just rested in a burrow while the comet destroyed everything. Nevertheless, several demon encyclopedia declare trolls to be high-level demons on the level of Battle Satans and Glum Rammer Lords. Constant rumors abound speak of the trolls' power to inject introspective thought into nearby persons, making them terrifying to the humans.

Trolls are acquaintances with the Groke, harmonica playing philosophers, hattifatteners (Level 100 Mega Demons), tonttus, and possibly, Perkele himself.