Tude Worm

The Tude Worm is a gargantuan species of worm that dwells in the deep sea. It is renowned for its distinct attitude that resembles the Iron Sheik, a historical Certain Country hero and the legend (and The Real). It lives in the deepest parts of the ocean, and can reach over a mile in length. At the end of each tip, the tude worm has a mouth cavity lined with rows of tongues that are used to taunt other deep sea species.

Tude worms are apex predators, so proficient are they in their wordplay, often using phrases like "FUCK THE _" and "_ YOU ARE BIG TIME PU#*Y I AM THE REAL" to deeply demoralize their competitors. Tude worms subsist on their own attitude to survive the sunless deep seas. A tude worm who has not insulted enough lifeforms will die of shame. Tude worms have a very particular reproductive process that is too amazing to describe. The Caliph holds a yearly festival to watch the tude worms procreate during their mating season. Despite lacking the necessary appendages, tude worms have been sighted putting goblin sharks in camel clutches.