Tyhmäsaatana Uusi Metsä

Tyhmäsaatana Uusi Metsä was a Hell-themed park that existed for a brief period near Bingwood, Hamshire. The park attracted a great deal of fame in the United Fiefdom due to the extremely poor quality of its attractions, which largely consisted of a single billboard depicting the strata of Hell, glowing skulls dangling from trees, uncomfortable small animals, a broken fire arena, empty garden sheds (previously described as lavish torture mansions by the website) and a very poorly decorated Satan's grotto.

The park had been advertised as being a "devilish wonderland" that featured a huge amount of exciting family events, including "bustling blood markets," and sold over 50,000 advance tickets, with ticket prices beginning at £250,000. Over £1,250,000,0000 had been made in total.

After being open for less than one week, the park closed and its website was removed, thousands of angry visitors having attacked workers at the site — including "Satan" and his "demons," one of which was slapped around the face. Children who had looked forward to the event were reduced to tears, especially when "Satan" was caught smoking. Soon after, Drumbus Fears and Fumbus Fears, the brothers who ran the park, were found guilty of misleading advertising, and were jailed for thirteen months each. The two were seen being dragged to hell by the real Satan soon after their release, assumedly because of their poor representation of Hell.