Udo Kingski

Udo Kingski is a infamous Großtodeswalder actor known for his extraordinary face. It looks like it was beaten in by a Slam God. Despite his repulsive facade, Udo Kingski is a terrible person within. There are no deep down emotions here. Udo Kingski's acting career has been offset by the number of times that religious Slam zealots have tried to communicate to the Slam Gods through his face. It has gotten him quite pissed.

Udo's enigmatic and overpowering personality makes him a full frightful to deal with, and many directors have sobbed after working with him. Despite not being typecast, Udo employs several trademark techniques in his performances: the Wild Eye of Udo Kingski, Sexy Bumbabobam Dance, and an always memorable, offensive portrayal of Slam Priests. These techniques are even used in films where they would have no place, such as romantic comedies, Peklo's Summer Vacation, and the blockbuster epic, Udo, Please Stop.

To people who have not heard of the Slam Gods, Udo is frequently mistaken for an albino orc.