Ultimate Satan

Ultimate Satan is a huge type of Satan that appears very rarely in the Final Stair zone of Hell. Having been born with egos as huge as their bodies (500 feet tall), Ultimate Satans are fond of claiming that they are the Satan. To a newcomer in Hell, a single Ultimate Satan can make quite a convincing case for its purported status; however, there are known instances where several Ultimate Satans have appeared at once, each claiming to be Satan himself, and have thus undermined the ruse. As of yet, Satan does not seem to care that other demons are impersonating him, saying, "There's no such thing as too much publicity."

Ultimate Satans are on very good terms with Super Deformed Satans, perhaps because the two represent the opposite ends of the body-size spectrum, and are thus outcasts of a sort. Ultimate Satans and S. D. Satans are fond of playing Backgammon with one another, and are not averse to sharing a drink or two (although the S. D. Satans do get tipsy quickly, due to their small size). It is unknown if there is coherent communication between the two types, considering how Ultimate Satans are too tall to hear the voices of S. D. Satans below (and respect the latter too much to pick them up as a human would pick up an insect).

Efforts have been made by humans to send contractors down to Final Stair to try to recruit Ultimate Satans for basketball teams. None of these ambassadors have yet returned, and it is believed that they succumbed to the fact that they were in Hell.