Ultimate Warrior

Ultimate Warrior is the sole member of the Union of the Ultimate, a handpicked assembly of the most Ultimate by the Ultimate Warrior himself. He often calls himself the Creator of the One and Only Ultimate Warrior despite being Ultimate Warrior himself. Some historians suggest Ultimate Warrior really did create himself, as records on his birth or parents do not exist. Ultimate Warrior is a retired WHAMESCO murderer who has wrestled under the names of Ultimate Warrior, Warrior, Dingo Warrior, Hellwaggler, and Huff n' Puff.

He won the WHAMESCO Championship by pinning Terry Boulder in the main event of MuscleMania MMCCCXLV, using the arena to create a makeshift hammer and set of nails. After pinning Terry on a hastily sculpted 100:1 replica of his mask, Warrior proceeded to announce that he wished to replace the Neo Slam Gods, and urged his fans to follow his teachings at Warrior University. Warrior University is entirely staffed by Warrior. He collects tuition by selling his student's belongings. Being the only person who works at Warrior University, Warrior even takes up the janitorial duties. Warrior has been called the ultimate archetype of intensity by WHAMESCO historians. This is evident when a student sees Warrior on janitorial duty: every vein on his body is on the verge of exploding, and his heavy breathing obscures the hallways with a musty fog.

While at WHAMESCO, Ultimate Warrior demanded his own five-hundred acre locker room, threatening to leave the company of his demand was not met. When WHAMESCO did not acknowledge this, Ultimate Warrior growled in rage and left the entire headquarters in ruins. He then pursued full-time management of Warrior University.

Warrior also sells "fine art" — his own personal canvases where he ineptly tries to copy photos with a butter knife and bingledorp droppings.

Nobody actually likes Warrior. He posts a lot of videos of himself heaving for reasons only Pumpatron knows. One of his workout videos inspired the Successor to eventually create the Chapel. This later turned the Successor insane as well.

The Union of the Ultimate
Ultimate Warrior