Ultra Evolution Pill

A rare pill found in dungeons that allows its ingester to transform into a dinosaur. Although an individual may go through a number of evolutionary phases unique to themselves, they will always end up as a dinosaur. This ubiquitous end-point has compelled scientists to hypothesize that dinosaurs are the ultimate lifeform. Gaibon and Diplo disagree, saying that the ultimate lifeform is the dragon — a relative of the dinosaur, but distinct nonetheless.

Notable Transformers

  • Bladd the Lad (T-Rex)
  • Minimum Resquiremént (Honkhorn)
  • J. Gill Jay (Pachycephalosaurus)
  • Fast M. Boxpusher (Velociraptor)
  • Ugly Janko (Stegosaurus)
  • Anonymous Baby (Brachiosaurus)
  • Tiddlysquat MckCkormick (Mungosaurus)