Umbassa the Dragon Slammer

Umbassa the Dragon Slammer is the greatest dragon killer in the history of mankind, excluding the Legendary Big M. Umbassa originally did not have much experience slamming dragons, but he had a quartet of howling men and was a great warrior.

Long ago, Brashman Village suffered a massive dragon problem, and so sought the help of Ubobo, the local warrior. Ubobo convinced them he was a chicken and recommended Umbassa instead. In contrast to Ubobo, Umbassa was not afraid of dragons. He was already infamous and brave. So, the group of men trying to coerce Ubobo switched their attention to Umbassa, and chanted "Umbassa, go to slam the dragon," as Umbassa approached the dragon's cave.

The dragon, monotone in voice (possible evidence linking him to Conn), replied, "Who is coming (conning) through my jungle?", to which the crowd of people answered back in great enthusiasm, alerting the dragon to their location, as if the cacophony of chanting and screaming was not already enough. According to some myths, the dragon proceeded to kill everyone, except Umbassa, and their screams created a symphony immortalized in Umbassa's later hit single, Umbassa and the Dragon. Umbassa had a small obsession with recording everything around him so he could spot secrets in the universe he may have missed hearing. In all myths and legends, Umbassa successfully slammed the dragon.

Umbassa later become a theologian, and convinced the world for a short time that the universe's greatest evil was actually the Ultimate Slam God Himself (early Slam canon had a head God figure who was eventually relegated to a mere footnote wedged into a corner of the Book of Slams' last page, using white ink, in .0000005 size font). So popular was this idea that "Umbasa" became a blessing similar to, "Slam to the ends of the earth." Umbassa's hypothesis was believed for several years, and it started several rivalries among Slammers: those who abided by the Ultimate Slam God, and those who swore to the power of Ram. The conflict was similar to the Slam vs. Ram Conflict, but was resolved when a hook-nosed goblin displayed proof that Slam and Ram were Slam and Ram.

As for Ubobo, having convinced the village so well that he was a chicken, he was eaten during the victory feast after Umbassa's return.