United Sheikdom

The United Sheikdom is the largest emirate in the world. The entire country is a sprawling city known by the same name. The Sheikdom is so densely packed with skyscrapers that no one has seen the ground level in a few centuries. The city is a hotspot for trade and tourism, housing pool-packed skyscraper tops, man-made floating island fortresses, and shopping complexes that also double as mega-mosques. The state's motto is, "CAPITALISM IS MY RELIGION."

The United Sheikdom is currently housing several construction projects whose intentions are all to become new universe records, such as tallest convenience store, tiniest skyscraper, and the ultimate life-form.

Nightmare acquired rare gaming magazines from this city in his childhood. Among these was the EGM Monthly magazine (short for Extra Gigantic Monsters). He used this to stay up-to-date to the state of international wild game hunting.