Volkii is a human transformed to a goblin that resides in the Dungeon.

Emotional Background

Volkii was originally a humble farmer just outside of Resonacia who had a small hobby of cultivating dark fruits, fruits that were more adult and raw than the rest. Volkii's efforts led him to believe that he had become a connoisseur of the Darkness, something that was a well discussed topic at the Chapel in those days. However, one day, a man named Giz came across his farm after a night of drinking at Jut's Farm. Giz, in drunken and illogical rage, began to haunt the poor Volkii for fifteen nights like a tonttu. Besides tossing Volkii's wheelbarrows upside down, and arguing with Volkii's livestock (a variety of ogre-pigs) until they died of bewildered rage, Giz would sneak behind Volkii and whisper brassily, "Heh." When Volkii turned, the Giz would hide, usually jumping into a pile of hay.

But what Volkii feared most was when Giz would wake him in his sleep. Every third night, Volkii would wake up to find Giz atop him, staring at him with fiery eyes, his hair frizzled like lush Scandinavian chest hair. The moment Volkii made even a sound, Giz would relentlessly barrage him with arguments consisting of philosophy, aesthetics, and large female mammaries, until Volkii was forced into an almost-comatose and silent state.


After Giz suddenly left, Volkii burned down his farm, believing that Giz's presence forever ruined it, and swore revenge. He went on a journey of solace, and decided that to beat Giz he would have to restructure his beliefs on the Darkness then spread his beliefs across the world so that the Darkness would consume Giz wholly. His "hehs" would be trapped under the million hells of Darkness. He arrived at the Chapel during an early and long-lasting winter, where the whispers of Coxxus mingled with desperation and distraught.

Because this "Coxxus" was an adherent of the Darkness, many Chapelpeople distanced themselves from it which Volkii found incredibly insulting. Volkii spread his opinion of the Darkness, which incorporated the Power of Opinion and the Art of Stiff Laughter, but Volkii was quickly slammed with the full frontal assault of Peklo's Finnish melancholy, finally driving Volkii over the breaking point. Finally having enough of the light bluish tones of the Chapel's architecture, he decided to hide himself in the darkness of a local tavern. When people approached him and tried to discuss current events, he would scoff them off with his Opinion. It is believed he injured eleven people this way. Finally, he left and became missing at the dawn of spring.

Later, Alligator

A bit after the Fall of the Chapel, Volkii reappeared at the Dungeon as a goblin, cackling at the Chapel's fall. It is said he became a captain of an unbreakable regiment obsessed with the darkness and enjoyed criticizing old Chapel tenets at the Dungeon tavern from time to time. The mention of Giz however drove him into a murderous frenzy. In one instance, he killed twenty-five goblins in the mead hall. Sometimes, he even killed randomly, though studies have linked this to night terrors he had, where Giz would appear before him and "heh" a thousand times per second. These moments were especially intense, as he would furiously sweat and his pores would pry open, transforming him into a Greater Goblin.

It is uncertain how he became a goblin, but it is assumed he became one after leaving the Chapel to fully embrace the Darkness.