Whall is an Apocryphal Slam God worshiped by saxophone enthusiasts. He is known for his strong sense of honor, but despite numerous claims, Whall is not a Slam God. Most evidence points to his rotund buttocks which resemble Wham, a Dark Slam God. Whall is actually descended from a lineage of humongous men off of the American continent who coincidentally have aesthetically great buttocks like the Neo Slam Gods.

Whall has a habit of punching people who step into his shadow. Once he killed his fiancee, and to atone for his sins he wrote the popular song, "Careless Whisper." But because of his physical resemblance, it was attributed to Wham.

Whall's fighting technique is the Holy Wubstorm. Spinning his forearms rapidly from his elbow, Whall creates a torrent of destructive wind able to shred a mighty Bingledorp. Not only is the attack devastating, it is musical, as the sound it produces can be likened to dubstep.

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