WHAMESCO Brawl For All

The WHAMESCO Brawl For All was a shootfighting tournament held in the World Heritage Amicable Muscular Explosive Scientific and Cultural Organization that lasted five months in the Bare Desert of Certain Country. This tournament lies seeped in infamy because of a few dozen deaths of world-renowned WHAMESCO performers and the injuries of several hundreds more.

Shootfighting refers to unplanned, unscripted, and real-life combat situations within a wrestling event. WHAMESCO's desire to hold its own shootfighting tournament rose from the astounding interest in Hardman Contests held throughout the world. A sect of wrestling extremists — mainly fringe groups who had minimal interest in WHAMESCO's proceedings — clamored for the degree of realism seen in Hardman Contests and decried WHAMESCO for not being truly culturally preservative. They purported that wrestling in the golden age was an honor given to the most ultimate warriors who had sacrificial bouts to appease the Slam Gods. Willing to prove its historical accuracy, WHAMESCO dove headfirst into hosting one of the most atrocious tournaments in history.


Contestants were to be dropped into a barren region of Certain Country, the most dangerous place in the world (this was before Finland was discovered). Not only was the environment extremely hostile with a population of a hundred Jhen Mohrans — entry into the desert was also via confiscated Slam Bombs collected during the Slam vs. Ram Conflict. To even enter the beginning rounds of the tournament, contestants had to escape from the antiquated devices and create makeshift parachutes. The bombs were stripped bare, and the only real way to create parachutes was to skin one's enemies and to use their skin as a parchment. To ensure KILLING, contestants selected their Slam Bombs according to rivalries and by grouping up Heels and Faces. Some contestants managed to kill their enemies but didn't have enough comprehension skills to craft parachutes.

Fans in attendance instantly voiced their disapproval of the tournament. Chants of "Boring!" and "We want wrestling!" were audible during the segments.

Painful Results

The tournament resulted in a number of legitimate injuries — Baxter Ramms and Bath Warrior Howk were unable to work in usual WHAMESCO capacities for a while after. Jason Voorhees aggravated an old arm injury and would never work for WHAMESCO again.

UFD (Ultra Fight Dump) veteran Horace the Ant pulled out of the tournament because he said he had nothing left to prove.

Giggo the Giant has described the tournament as "the stupidest thing that WHAMESCO has ever done." He argues that WHAMESCO misjudged the appeal that legitimate fighting would have to their audience, considering that WHAMESCO had aggressively promoted the idea that their matches were "sports entertainment" with scripted finishes. Furthermore, because the fighters were trained to work professional wrestling matches and not to fight, they risked both injury and the possibility that a defeat would hurt their marketability. Giggo also criticized WHAMESCO for failing to use the tournament to promote Nightmare as a new star wrestler.

Thunder Blunder and Kingu said in the WHAMESCO DVD The Attitude Era that "it was one idea that looks good in the paper, but is horrible in action." Also, Kingu said that "nobody expected that Nightmare was the too good… The too good…"

Kingu repeated the phrase, "The too good…", for twenty days, making the DVD the longest WHAMESCO has released. Before Brawl for All, no one had the foresight to realize Nightmare was actually capable of mass killing.

Brutus the Borber Buffpie got knocked into a Jhen Mohran's mouth by Kokoro Tsunaguu in the third round of his match. This lessened the tough-guy mystique being built for his character, effectively ending his push. Other reasons included: decapitation, digestion, and, possibly, death.

Nightmare defeated Johnny Cum Lately by TKO on the second episode of War is Raw and Adlut to win the tournament and $75,000. Johnny Cum Lately received $25,000. They both donated the money to the victims' families.

Hoty Da Body, rumored to be Giz in disguise, was crushed by a Jhen Mohran's tail after landing. Before landing, Hoty Da Body managed to hijack a dozen Slam Bombs and chucked contestants into the air, creating the greatest skydiving-skydying fight in the history of the world.

After winning the tournament Nightmare disappeared from TV for a few months before reappearing to feud with former tag-team partner Peklo, now known as Perilous Peko. He was later matched against pro boxer Big Satan at CultureMania XV. Nightmare was knocked out approximately thirty-five seconds into the bout and soon after was out of WHAMESCO. Though Nightmare's legitimate knockout of Ravage did not bring him success in the WHAMESCO, great mystique was read into his person in Land of Taiyou, where Ravage is highly regarded.[citation never needed] He toured the independent circuit and Land of Taiyou under the name Prince of Terror.