WHAMESCO Buff Enuff is the official WHAMESCO examination. It grants Wrestling Belts to participants who pass. WHAMESCO Buff Enuff is a televised event that spans over 12 months, and is a yearly event. Passing the WHAMESCO Buff Enuff grants entrants various buffs and benefits. These include: no legal responsibility for murder, and having a Wrestling Belt.

The logo for WHAMESCO Buff Enuff is two muscular arms crossing to form an X, with an unidentified man screaming at maximum in the background.

WHAMESCO Buff Enuff originated in Certain Country after the Caliph personally commissioned Bumrum Wrasslehon to incite global development of Colossally Buff n' Tough People. After several decades of development, Wrasslehon unleashed the WHAMESCO Buff Enuff, a global examination that bestowed company contracts and Wrestling Belts. The sheer difficulty combined with the magnanimous benefits were intended to inspire the entire world population to adopt buffing up. Most Buff Enuff examinees die. Unsurprisingly, the whole venture failed, with only several hundred applying every year.

Further examinees are culled before the main exam via THE UNDERSHAKER's personal team of gravediggers. Their usual method of assassination involves digging a grave under a weak entrant's hotel bed. The bed and victim then fall into Heck. WHAMESCO normally pays for the damages done to hotel flooring and the loss of beds.

WHAMESCO Buff Enuff's various trials span a variety of challenges, including the Forest of Monsters, Hearty Fuudo Belly Blub, Flurry of Demonic Jerks, and Baking Competition.

WHAMESCO Buff Enuff rarely brings up the actual newcomers to WHAMESCO's stable of wrestlers. Nightmare is a rare case, in that he failed his first Buff Enuff, succeeded in the next, and was actually inducted into WHAMESCO rotation.

It is said that Nightmare only failed the previous year's exam after nearly killing a proctor he did not approve of. He later removed another applicant's arms from his body for having bumped into him and not apologizing in the next Buff Enuff.