Whamping Hoop

The Whamping Hoop is a colossal wheel weapon used by the Executioners of Baxter Ramms. Each wheel is fitted for an Executioner, and guaranteed to be 50000% more huger than the wielder's body. The Whamping Hoop is primarily used to smash and bash the regency of any state, putting its users at odds with Kingkill Killer. It's rumored that the Hoops are just stolen wheels from Neo Slam Gods' carriages. But others purport that Slam Gods would never use a carriage and just use the Goddu Dash. The debate serves to undermine the weapon's brutal bloodbath birthing, and all Executioners detest this talk.

The functions of the Whamping Hoop exceed murder, and also serve as tables, and if an Executioner is appropriately skilled, an unicycle.