Wheel Skeletons

Wheel Skeletons are a kind of skeleton. One may believe that the sole unique attribute of their bodies being grafted to wheels lined with spikes makes them a deficient variant, but this could not be further from the truth. Once a Wheel Skeleton assumes a position conducive to letting the wheel's natural roundness roll it along, it shoots towards its target at a hellish speed, regardless of geography. A single Wheel Skeleton is, in truth, not much of a problem, should a victim's tactics favor avoidance over deflection; but Wheel Skeletons practically never wander outside of a group, so the former note is moot. In the Book of Slams (Waltz no. 4, page 452), when diverging tensions are highest between the Neo Slam Gods and the Dark Slam Gods, Pumpatron and company are tricked by Shadowslam into entering a cave that is infested by a company of 4,500 Wheel Skeletons. Upon detecting these creatures' presence, even Pumpatron develops an anime sweat drop on his forehead.

Like all skeletons, Wheel Skeletons are obsessed with Xylophone Jazz, and are particularly proficient in drum-based arrangements of bony standards. Typically, humans dehumanize skeletons and presume that they lack cognitive abilities beyond primitive group dynamics; yet Wheel Skeletons have a complex world-view that worships rotation and damns inactivity. Some natural philosophers have brought forth compelling evidence that suggests Wheel Skeletons were the first non-divine beings to discover the rotation of the G-Urth.